What is the Cryosphere?

The cryosphere is a term for the regions of our globe which are covered in ice and snow – either seasonally or year-round. Climate change is happening in the cryosphere faster and more dramatically than anywhere else on earth.




The Cryosphere

Climate change is happening faster and in a dramatically more visible way in the Earth’s cryosphere. Global changes in climate are exaggerated in the cryosphere. The cryosphere is on a near-term timeline – we, quite simply, need to act fast to address the changes to our cryosphere.

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Integrated Solutions

The cryosphere is different, requiring different yet complementary climate solutions to those of the globe as a whole. ICCI seeks to find new and integrated solutions for these challenges.

ICCI’s Approach

Our Work

We believe that much can be accomplished if many partners work together, and ICCI worries less about credit than accomplishing needed solutions at all levels. ICCI therefore strives to work innovatively, yet without fanfare and in a sustained manner, to create new partnerships and approaches together with governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector – yet always with the clock ticking for the cryosphere’s survival.

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