August 2015

What Happens in the Arctic…. As world leaders, including President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and a number of foreign ministers, head to Alaska this weekend to discuss the threat of climate change in the Arctic (and ICCI will be there, with our European Director Dr. Svante Bodin addressing the ministers on black carbon),Continue Reading

July 2015

Explaining Climate:  What Rockström Said! Sometimes in the struggle to convey the seriousness and, above all, the immediacy of the threat of climate change, one runs across a speaker or writer that simply causes the reaction, “what he said!” This was definitely the case for me on July 12 in Sweden when Johan Rockström,  formerContinue Reading

May 2015

The “Road to Paris” Goes through Cryosphere With the Bonn UNFCCC climate negotiations taking place next month, the phrase “road to Paris” is the theme of countless policy forums and media coverage.  For ICCI, that “road” focuses on cryosphere – but increasingly, science is telling us that any path towards a new climate agreement inContinue Reading

March 2015

Summer Forecast: Hot, with Frequent Fires Sometimes ICCI gets the question of how open field and forest burning, seeming quite far from the Arctic or other regions, can have such an impact at higher latitudes (or in the Himalayas, Andes or other mountain regions, on mountain glaciers and snowpack).  One explanation, of course, is theContinue Reading