The ICCI at COP19

The ICCI and partners (see below) presented a full-day event devoted to regions of snow and ice on the Earth — the cryosphere — and their importance to the global climate system, the changes they are exhibiting and implications for ecosystems and human communities.  Read also  ICCI’s Statement to Ministers at CCAC High Level Assembly.

Day of the Cryosphere: Climate Change Today in Polar and Mountain Regions
Sunday, November 17, 2013, Radisson Blu Centrum, Warsaw

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Climate change is having a disproportionate impact on the cryosphere — regions of ice and snow — with serious implications for human development and environments across the globe. Cryosphere Day focused on changes in cryosphere regions around the world. The purpose is to bring the rate of these changes to the attention of climate negotiators through dialogue with the research community and other stakeholders.


Speaker presentations will be uploaded soon

8:30                  Coffee and Registration

9.00                  Welcome and Opening Statements

9:30                  Latest Cryosphere Findings from AR-5

Georg Kaser, University of Innsbruck, IPCC Lead Author AR5 WG1 “Observations: Cryosphere”

10:00                The Arctic:

Lars-Otto Reiersen (Arctic Council/AMAP) — Overview Arctic Cryosphere
Margareta Johansson (Lund University, Sweden) – Permafrost
Dirk Notz (Max Planck Institute) – Sea Ice

11:00                Coffee

11:15                Antarctica:

Carlota Escutia (SCAR/Granada) – Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS)
Tom Bracegirdle (SCAR/BAS) – Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century (AntClim21)
Hartmut Hellmer (ice2sea) – Antarctic Drivers of Sea-level Rise

12.15                Lunch (Ogrodowa Restaurant)

13:15                Mountains and Climate Change: Outcomes of High Summit Conference

Sandro Fuzzi (Ev-K2-CNR Committee)

13:30                World Bank-ICCI “On Thin Ice” Report

Karin Kemper, Director Climate Policy and Finance, The World Bank
Elisabetta Vignati (European Commission/JRC)
Zbigniew Klimont (IIASA)

14:30                Himalayas:

Arnico Panday (ICIMOD)
Shichang Kang (CAREERI/Chinese Academy of Sciences) – Tibetan Plateau Cryosphere
Bhupesh Adhikary (Ev-K2-CNR Committee) – Short Lived Climate Forcers over Nepal’s Himalayas: Observations and Model Results
Claudio Smiraglia (Ev-K2-CNR Committee) – Current evolution of the Third Pole Cryosphere: Results from the Ev-K2-CNR
Committee Projects

16:00                Coffee

16:15                Andes, East Africa, Alps and Other Cryosphere regions

Georg Kaser (University of Innsbruck) – East African Highlands and Alps
Luisa Molina (MIT/Molina Center) – South American Cryosphere
Mauro Guglielmin (Ev-K2-CNR Committee) – Andes and Alps: Mountain Permafrost in Two Hemispheres

17:15                Concluding Remarks – Invited Heads of Delegation

17:45                Closing

View the speaker biographies here.