Join Us – Current Positions

Current position calls are below, when available. In addition, ICCI welcomes proposals for internships and in-kind work, especially to create animations and graphics that can help spread better knowledge of cryosphere dynamics, but other proposals welcome! Past internships have included work on black carbon from woodstoves, summaries of recent cryosphere science, and satellite monitoring of open burning near the Arctic.

About ICCI

ICCI is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization in the United States, founded in 2010 in the wake of COP-15 in Copenhagen; and a non-profit organization, ICCI-Europe, founded in Sweden in 2012.  ICCI works to protect the Earth’s frozen lands and waters – and thereby, the entire globe – from the impacts of climate change. The cryosphere spans areas of the planet covered seasonally or year-round in ice and snow, including the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets, glaciers, snow, sea ice, permafrost and our polar oceans. As a network of both senior policy experts and leading researchers, ICCI works with governments, civil society and other actors to highlight the consequences of the rapid changes taking place in the cryosphere and the dynamics that drive them; promote rapid emissions reductions of 50% by 2030 to slow these; and support small-scale demonstration projects in support of mitigation and adaptation in mountain and near-polar regions. A message of both warning, and hope — that it is NOT too late to prevent cryosphere collapse, but an active choice by global leaders and humanity — is a key part of ICCI’s outreach mission.