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Director Pam Pearson

Pam Pearson is a former U.S. diplomat with 20 years’ experience working on global issues, including climate change and various initiatives on the environmental and social policies of the multilateral development banks.  She resigned due to policy differences over development policy in 2006.  From 2006-2009, she worked from Sweden with a variety of organizations and Arctic governments to bring attention to the potential benefit of reductions in short-lived climate forcers to the Arctic climate, culminating in Arctic Council ministerial-level action.  She founded ICCI immediately after COP-15.



European Director

European Director Svante Bodin

Dr. Svante Bodin holds a Ph.D. in Meteorology and became assistant professor at the University of Stockholm in 1980.  He headed research at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) from 1979-84, and from 1984-1989 directed the Swedish National Weather Service.  In 1989, Dr. Bodin joined the Swedish Ministry of Environment as head of the division for Climate Change, Marine Issues and Air Pollution, serving on or heading a wide variety of delegations to a broad variety of environmental forums, including the UNFCCC, Montreal Protocol, and Arctic Council.  Dr. Bodin retired from government service after COP-15 and joined ICCI in 2010 as European Director.




Russian Director

Russian Director Gail Stevenson

Gail Stevenson holds a Ph.D. in Economics and has worked in global higher education for more than 30 years.  She comes with broad and deep regional background in both Scandinavia and Russia.  She worked in Norway at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian National Committee for Norwegian Youth Organizations (NIU/LNU), was a guest researcher at PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo)  and has a cand. mag. degree from the University of Oslo.  She studied in St. Petersburg, was a Fulbright guest lecturer in Minsk, worked as the Director of the American Collegiate Consortium in Moscow for several years and has a B.A. in Russian. She joined the ICCI in 2011 as the U.S.-based Russia Program Director.