COP-26 Cryosphere Pavilion Video of the Week: Glaciers and Ice Sheets: the Long Tail of Climate Change, with Matthias Huss, ETH Zurich and John Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan; together with IPCC Ice Sheet Researchers Jonathan Bamber and Robert DeConto

This fascinating COP-26 session delves into the factors causing glacier loss and downstream impacts, as well as discussing the similarities and differences in behavior between very large glaciers (often near the margins of ice sheets) and the ice sheets themselves. It includes keynote presentations by Dr. Matthias Huss, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland and Dr. John Pomeroy, Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada; followed by commentary and a panel discussion with Dr. Jonathan Bamber, University of Bristol and Dr. Rob DeConto, University of Massachusetts Amherst.