COP-26 Video of the Week: Committed Permafrost Emissions and Intergenerational Justice with Gustaf Hugelius, Jens Strauss, and Sarah Chadburn

Permafrost begins emitting carbon into the atmosphere as soon as its first thaw. These emissions can continue for over 100 years and in some cases centuries, depending on local conditions. Each degree of rising temperatures therefore commits several future generations to so-called “negative emissions,” or carbon drawdown even long after human emissions go to zero. What are the implications for Paris temperature goals? This session features Dr. Gustaf Hugelius, Co-Director of the Bolin Center, Stockholm University; Dr. Jens Strauss, Alfred Wegener Institute; and Dr. Sarah Chadburn, University of Exeter. The panel following this event is moderated by Rachael Treharne, Postdoctoral Researcher Consultant at the Woodwell Climate Research Center, and offers insights from Darcy Peter, Research Assistant at Woodwell; Ruth Miller, Climate Justice Director for Native Movement; and Robbie James, Climate Activist with Green New Deal Rising.