Black carbon (BC) accelerates ice loss in the Arctic and creates a feedback loop exacerbating global heating; and has health impacts for local communities. BC from Arctic shipping is increasing as reduced sea ice opens up access to trans-Arctic shipping routes. As a result, between 2015 and 2019, black carbon emissions from shipping in the Arctic increased by 85%. With urgent action however, there are means available to reduce BC emissions from the Arctic shipping sector and have an immediate impact in reducing loss of snow and especially, sea ice.

Main presenters include Dr. Lisa Koperqualuk, Vice President – International Affairs for the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC); Dr. Sian Prior, Lead Advisor to Clean Arctic Alliance; Dr. Dirk Notz, University of Hamburg, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology; Major Kiu Kaho, Tonga High Commission London; Dr. Richard Hixson, FRCA FFICM, Co-founder NHS Ocean; and Dr. Bryan Comer, Marine Program Lead, International Council on Clean Transportation.