COP28 Video of the Week: “Climate-driven Methane Emissions in the High Arctic”

Dr. Gabrielle Kleber, an Early Career Scientist at the COP28 Cryosphere Pavilion, published a major paper in July 2023 on methane emissions from groundwaters that are released as glaciers retreat. She helped identify a positive feedback loop not currently considered in climate models, in which climate-driven glacial melt releases ancient methane in the high Arctic, thus exacerbating global warming. She completed her PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge and began her post-doc at the University of Tromsø last year.

COP28 recording:
Full paper:

By Amy Imdieke, Global Outreach Director, and Pam Pearson, Director of ICCI.
Published May. 18, 2024      Updated May. 18, 2024 10:01 am