Video of the Week: “Projections of an Ice-Free Arctic Ocean”

Dr. Alexandra Jahn, University of Colorado Boulder, is the lead author of a recent sea ice paper published in Nature, making clear that only the lowest emissions scenarios will minimize the frequency and length of future sea ice-free periods. She outlined key takeaways for policy makers during an Arctic 21 meeting on April 4; a full recording of her presentation can be found below. For those interested in attending the next monthly Arctic 21 meeting on Thursday, May 2, please contact to be added to the mailing list.

Arctic 21 recording:
Full paper:
Capsule summary:

By Amy Imdieke, Global Outreach Director, and Pam Pearson, Director of ICCI.
Published Apr. 5, 2024      Updated Apr. 5, 2024 7:59 pm