Antarctica without Ice Shelves Leads to Rapid Multi-Meter Sea Level Rise

Journal of Glaciology, September 14 Collapse of ice shelves neighbouring the Antarctic Ice Sheet has the potential to contribute 1 to 12 meters of sea level rise over the next 500 years, with 1.9 to 5 meters generated within 500 years by the collapse of ice shelves adjoining the West Antarctic Ice Sheet alone. Such […]

WAIS Ice Shelves Show Early Signs of Irreversible Disintegration

PNAS, September 14 Extensive open fractures have developed in the ice shelves of the Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, potentially priming them for future collapse. No such crevasses existed at the beginning of satellite records in 1997, with rapidly growing crevasse-damaged areas by 2019, accelerating since 2016.¬† These damaged […]

Majority of Antarctic Ice Shelves Sensitive to Meltwater Fracturing

Nature, August 26 Antarctic ice shelves –¬†floating ice in contact with land ice – are both critical to maintaining ice sheet stability, and vulnerable to catastrophic fracturing from meltwater entering crevasses. Hydro-fracturing occurs when surface meltwater flows into and deepens pre-existing fractures, and is a potential mechanism driving sudden ice shelf collapse, as occurred with […]

Canadian Ice Shelf Collapse in the Canadian Arctic, and Glacier Collapse in the Alps

Water and Ice Research Laboratory, August 7 This extremely warm summer is driving some dramatic collapses: one of the last remaining Canadian Ice Shelves, the Milne Ice Shelf lost 43% of its area (80 km2, greater than the size of Manhattan) in a dramatic collapse on July 31st, compromising nearby ecosystems as well as threatening […]